4 ago. 2009

What our teachers say: Vicky

Deciding to teach for a month at ILC was one of the best decisions I've made.

The teachers and students were great which made the experience loads of fun and extremely rewarding!

Vanessa and Fidel have complied a great range of materials and are always around to answer any questions regarding lesson planning!

Chachapoyas really is pretty unique and my experiences there were quite different to the rest of my travels in Peru! Firstly, it was great to get a taste of Peruvian life away from the more obvious tourist destinations in the South! Also as Chachapoyas is on the brink of a to
urist boom because of it's stunning scenery and surrounding archeological sites, it is worth visiting it now before it becomes too spoilt.

You can also experience the best chocolate cake in Peru at San Jose (it's
what dreams are made of!), Pizzeria lock-ins complete with Salsa lessons, top quality Cumbía music in Cho Cho's and be back in time to make up a dance routine for the Friday Karaoke lessons!


Vicky,24, London, UK

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