24 oct. 2009

Welcome to International Language Center!

Thinking of a Gap Year in South America?
Always wanted to see Peru?

Work teaching English in Amazonas

International Language Center
Chachapoyas Amazonas

We are:
A small language school, teaching English and other European languages to local people in a tiny city on the Andean sierra.

We are:
On the remote north eastern Andes, nestled between the top south American surfing coast, and the rainforest, on the mountainous route to Iquitos - the source of the river Amazon.

We are:
Always looking for foreign teachers who want to work 4 or 5 hours a day with us, and get to know the real Andean culture, far away from the beaten tourist path. Our terms are one month long, so you can stay for 4 weeks, or you can stay for up to a year – it’s up to you!

We are:
Surrounded by approximately 3000 lost jungle cities, the most famous of which is called Kuelap, from pre Inca civilisations. Two years ago, the world’s third tallest waterfall, Gocta, was discovered here. If you’ve ever dreamed of being Indiana Jones, or Lara Croft, you can do it here.

You are:
At least 18 years old, a native speaker of English, and good at communicating.
Interested in finding worlds that are off the beaten tour bus path.
A TEFL qualification is useful, but not obligatory.

Find out more about us by looking us up on the web:
Facebook Group: International Language Center

International Language Center
Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Peru
School Size: 120 students
School Director: Fidel Elera
Telephone 00 51 41 478807

You can also learn spanish while you work here!

14 oct. 2009

What is a Typical ILC Volunteer like?

A typical volunteer at ILC Chachapoyas is rugged, hardy and independent and came to the region to learn about a side of Peru that isn't found in the Miraflores branch of Starbucks, Lima, or in the Irish backpacker bars of Cusco. 

They are often in their early 20s (though older staff are prized), and looking to form a real connection with Peruvian peoples and Peruvian culture.

If they don't speak Spanish, they are motivated to learn Spanish while they are here, because without communication, living amongst locals in the Andes would be less enriching journey. 

They are flexible and culturally aware, and sensitive to the different concepts and attitudes they encounter every day when dealing with local people. 

Our typical volunteers are looking to make friends for life with ordinary Peruvian people, rather than tour guides or short term holiday chums.

They are honorable, professional, and respect the commitment they have made to a small family run business in the third world.  They understand that we offer an experience to local people that can enhance and dramatically change their life prospects. 

They take their role as being a meaningful contributor to their surroundings

Our typical volunteers are not looking for a holiday.

They are looking for a reason to feel proud of what they have achieved while in Peru.

11 oct. 2009

What are the advantages of working at ILC, compared to other ESL schools?

  • Close knit team of staff, who are helpful and informative
  • Other foreigners working alongside you, from a range of English speaking countries
  • Chachapoyas is a small city, with virtually no crime – unparalleled in other parts of Peru.  We have no gun crime, express kidnappings, or robberies.
  • Exceptionally cheap prices (prices are 80% less than you would pay in Lima or Cusco, and 50-70% less than cities of comparable size in Northern Peru, such as Chiclayo, Piura, Tarapoto, Iquitos)
  • Peruvian – Anglo management, so cultural/communication issues are clearly explained and understood
  • ILC offers formal job references in excellent English, so working at ILC doesn’t form a questionable ‘gap’ in your resume
  • ILC offers help with finding accommodation close to your workplace
  • Translation service, if you get sick or have problems, ILC can help you out
  • Excellent place to learn Spanish through immersion, as virtually nobody in the north of Peru speaks any English
  • ILC offers Spanish lessons to staff at a discounted rate
  • ILC Library (of movies and books in English) is available to staff without charge
  • Friendly local community
  • ILC Library of Spanish language learning books available to staff at a huge discount
  • Detailed guidance in finding your way around the city, and on trips around Amazonas and the north of Peru / Ecuador
  • Help with visa renewals and immigration procedures, and also with securing work visas (the latter if you are staying long-term)
  • Alumnus network of ILC staff and ILCN ex-staff who maintain strong links with the school, and can give advice on travel and employment in Peru
  • ILC is an established school, with a great reputation, since 2003
  • ILC is the only school in the Amazonas region to teach interactively and communicatively,
  • ILC is the only school in the Amazonas region to demand high standards of its students
  • ILC gives you the opportunity to teach children, youngsters, teenagers or adults
  • Opportunities to extend your experience in other cities at our satellite schools
  • Help in learning about Peruvian cooking, or folk music, or dancing
  • ILC has a strong history of helping staff find subsequent work through recommendations to other institutes in Peru
  • Form strong friendships with fellow staff (Peruvians and foreigners), and with students
  • Supportive collegiate atmosphere
  • Open to new ideas: if you have a project or an idea you’d like to try, ILC wants to hear about it
  • Small school, with a personal feel
  • Small classes, with the opportunity to make real friendships and connections with your students
  • Attention paid to your needs

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