11 oct. 2009

What are the advantages of working at ILC, compared to other ESL schools?

  • Close knit team of staff, who are helpful and informative
  • Other foreigners working alongside you, from a range of English speaking countries
  • Chachapoyas is a small city, with virtually no crime – unparalleled in other parts of Peru.  We have no gun crime, express kidnappings, or robberies.
  • Exceptionally cheap prices (prices are 80% less than you would pay in Lima or Cusco, and 50-70% less than cities of comparable size in Northern Peru, such as Chiclayo, Piura, Tarapoto, Iquitos)
  • Peruvian – Anglo management, so cultural/communication issues are clearly explained and understood
  • ILC offers formal job references in excellent English, so working at ILC doesn’t form a questionable ‘gap’ in your resume
  • ILC offers help with finding accommodation close to your workplace
  • Translation service, if you get sick or have problems, ILC can help you out
  • Excellent place to learn Spanish through immersion, as virtually nobody in the north of Peru speaks any English
  • ILC offers Spanish lessons to staff at a discounted rate
  • ILC Library (of movies and books in English) is available to staff without charge
  • Friendly local community
  • ILC Library of Spanish language learning books available to staff at a huge discount
  • Detailed guidance in finding your way around the city, and on trips around Amazonas and the north of Peru / Ecuador
  • Help with visa renewals and immigration procedures, and also with securing work visas (the latter if you are staying long-term)
  • Alumnus network of ILC staff and ILCN ex-staff who maintain strong links with the school, and can give advice on travel and employment in Peru
  • ILC is an established school, with a great reputation, since 2003
  • ILC is the only school in the Amazonas region to teach interactively and communicatively,
  • ILC is the only school in the Amazonas region to demand high standards of its students
  • ILC gives you the opportunity to teach children, youngsters, teenagers or adults
  • Opportunities to extend your experience in other cities at our satellite schools
  • Help in learning about Peruvian cooking, or folk music, or dancing
  • ILC has a strong history of helping staff find subsequent work through recommendations to other institutes in Peru
  • Form strong friendships with fellow staff (Peruvians and foreigners), and with students
  • Supportive collegiate atmosphere
  • Open to new ideas: if you have a project or an idea you’d like to try, ILC wants to hear about it
  • Small school, with a personal feel
  • Small classes, with the opportunity to make real friendships and connections with your students
  • Attention paid to your needs

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