4 dic. 2008

How do I get to Peru?

The flights from my country are expensive! Can you recommend the cheapest airlines?

If there's more than two months before you fly, then use an online price comparison website (such as edreams).

If you're leaving in less than six weeks, you should look at the airlines' own websites to get the very best lastminute deals.

from Europe:

Air Comet runs from Lima to Madrid for the cheapest price across the Atlantic. It’s a no-frills airline, and you will be expected to bring your own food, or pay $10 for each meal. TACA runs from Europe via Sao Paolo, in Brazil.

Recently, TACA have been doing some good routes via Sao Paolo, in Brazil, and Air Canada sometimes has good prices, via Toronto. If you have visa validity to transit through North America, you can hop south from Fort Lauderdale with Spirit Air for about $200 USD.

We have had reports of uncomfortable or difficult flights on Iberia (Madrid) or American Airlines (Miami). For a more comfortable journey, you may think it worth the extra to pay for a KLM flight from Amsterdam, and arrive in slightly better condition!

from Canada / Mexico / USA:

The cheapest US connection we have heard of is Spirit Air, who fly from Miami to Lima for about $200 USD.

Air Canada sometimes has good deals, and Continental and United can be competitive.

from Africa:

The cheapest non European combination we have heard of is to fly with TACA to Rio de Janeiro, and on from there to Lima. At $4k, it’s not really what we’d call cheap, though.

and what about going via other South American countries?

Don’t forget to check connection prices to Guayaquil, in Ecuador, also.

However, remember that it will take you 3 or 4 days to travel on to Peru, via the PanAmerican Highway, and you will need to pay for an Ecuadorian tourist visa on arrival, also.

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