14 oct. 2009

What is a Typical ILC Volunteer like?

A typical volunteer at ILC Chachapoyas is rugged, hardy and independent and came to the region to learn about a side of Peru that isn't found in the Miraflores branch of Starbucks, Lima, or in the Irish backpacker bars of Cusco. 

They are often in their early 20s (though older staff are prized), and looking to form a real connection with Peruvian peoples and Peruvian culture.

If they don't speak Spanish, they are motivated to learn Spanish while they are here, because without communication, living amongst locals in the Andes would be less enriching journey. 

They are flexible and culturally aware, and sensitive to the different concepts and attitudes they encounter every day when dealing with local people. 

Our typical volunteers are looking to make friends for life with ordinary Peruvian people, rather than tour guides or short term holiday chums.

They are honorable, professional, and respect the commitment they have made to a small family run business in the third world.  They understand that we offer an experience to local people that can enhance and dramatically change their life prospects. 

They take their role as being a meaningful contributor to their surroundings

Our typical volunteers are not looking for a holiday.

They are looking for a reason to feel proud of what they have achieved while in Peru.

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