8 jul. 2009

What our teachers say: Cori

My time in Peru seems like lifetimes ago. I dream about Chachapoyas all the time. I seem to always want to return to my three months in the Andes everytime I close my eyes. I have albums full of pictures from my adventures in Peru, but sometimes it feels like I was never even there. My spanish is awful now! I understand why Vanessa never wanted to leave...

I loved waking up to the sound of a rooster each morning from my flat in Chacha- and waking up to the mountains surrounding me, usually covered in mist. My son has this machine that makes all sorts of white noise sounds to help him sleep and the one sound is of rainfall. Everytime I hear it, I am back in my single bed in my flat in Chachapoyas, listening to the raindrops pelting my metal roof. What a wonderful part of my life that was!

Cori, 24, Alberta, Canada

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