5 ene. 2009

What our teachers say: Alex

I´ve really enjoyed my time so far in Chachapoyas,
the town is full of life and charm, nestling between green mountains that touch clouds, the school is also full of life, students are friendly and eager to learn and the materials are well chosen and effective.

Fidel and Vanessa guide the teaching so there's always advice available if you need it.

Chachapoyas is surrounded by stunning countryside, there are many excursions available to lost cities or natural wonders, and it's also well worth it just wandering through the old paths and inca tracks near the town.

Plenty of nightlife is on offer too, clubs play salsa, cumbía, merengue, criolla, reggaetón and even the occasional British or American 80s hit, and there's an
excellent range of restaurants, most if not all of which are very affordable.

Finally, the people you meet will make you feel at home
pretty soon; we all made good friends in Chacha.

Alex, 32, UK

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