5 nov. 2008

What our teachers say: Meghan

Yes Chachapoyas!

Vanessa and Fidel are excellent people to work for.

It is not a typicial boss/employee relationship, but more like a family.

They will arrange to meet your bus
when you arrive, introduce you to the town, set up a living situation, and translate any questions you may have.

For example, que es cuy? It is fried guinea pig..delicacy of Peru, uh huh.

If you are unsure about teaching they will help with lesson planning, dealing with students, and any other problems you may face.

The school is packed with materials, and a smaller intimate setting allows you to feel that you are never alone.
The students are eager to learn and so much fun to talk with; classes are small so you truly get to know each other.

The town is nestled between beautiful mountains, and surrounded by many amazing archaeological sights and natural wonders.

So there is always
something to see on weekends...that is if you aren't dancing it up at La Casita or stuffing your face at San Jose. Enjoy!

Meghan, 24, Florida, USA

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